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Our Process

Many of our clients come to us for specific financial questions, and then, as our relationship grows, we tackle broader financial issues, such as developing a plan for achieving bigger life goals.

We call this the path to finding your Private Vista. It emerges through four phases.


It’s About You.

We learn about your financial resources, and review your investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies and copies of estate documents. We assess current commitments and work through personal expenses and cash flow. We discuss your views and explore your passions and goals. We begin exploring what a life fulfilled looks like to you.


What’s Important to You.

Once we’ve collected the data and begun to understand your story, we analyze and summarize the documents as they impact your plan. We model your current financial status, develop ideas and concepts and test them in order to provide preliminary recommendations.


What’s Possible for You.

Our presentation of your plan will be like a personal journey, where you see an inventory of your financial resources connected to your life goals. You will be able to make decisions on our recommendations based on feedback from our scenario-based planning tools. By the end of the presentation you will have an action plan for achieving your broader vision for a life well lived.


How it Becomes Reality for You.

As the plan is implemented, we communicate as often as needed to review investment strategy and deal with any issues as they come up. We also schedule an annual meeting to confirm that your financial resources continue to align with the life you imagined from your Private Vista.

Make Plans.

Your Life Enriched

What’s your specific question?

  • When can I retire?
  • How do I handle my finances after a divorce or a death of a spouse?
  • How should I invest my assets?
  • Should I sell my business now?

Like many financial advisors, we have extensive financial planning, money management and investment strategy experience to apply to a broad range of financial issues.

But as our client relationship grows, you’ll find that beyond your original issue, we can also help you with the bigger issue of imagining the life you want. Then, based on your current and future goals, we apply the right set of comprehensive services to align your financial resources with the life you imagined.

Your Private

Financial Planning


Our comprehensive and integrated approach to the services we provide is what sets us apart. Every client gets a view of how all these areas affect each other under the same microscope at one time, not use them as they may become of interest over time. We view all the issues as one integrated plan at the same time. That’s how we ensure you that you will find your private vista.

  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Education Planning
  • Business Continuity
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Analysis and planning
  • Survivor Analysis
  • Investment Portfolio Planning and Management
  • Fringe Benefit Analysis and Planning
  • Stock option Planning
  • Qualified Plan Design and implementation
  • Generational Wealth Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning

Be Strategic.

Investment Management


At Private Vista we believe that diversification, asset allocation, discipline and patience are effective strategies to minimize risk and provide opportunities to grow your assets. We provide fee-based services and are under no obligation to push proprietary products, which means that our only incentive is to serve your best interests.

Our experienced financial professionals collaborate with you to construct a portfolio that strives to find the efficient frontier—the asset mix that provides the highest return for your personal level of risk. A comprehensive process of due diligence, consistent monitoring and periodic rebalancing ensures that your portfolio continues to meet the objectives of your financial plan over time.

Women Connected.

Embrace Your Financial Independence

­Welcome to Project Venus℠  where women are connected, supported and inspired to enrich their lives through financial planning, education and partnership.

At some point in their lives, nine out of ten women will be solely responsible for their finances. Are you prepared to make financial decisions that will enrich your life? If you’re In Transition due to divorce or becoming widowed, or currently Out of Touch with your financial planning, we can help you address your fears, find your vision, gain confidence and add clarity.

Achieve your life vision

Unlike a typical financial program that solely focuses on income, budgets and investments, Project Venus℠ also helps you explore your life passions and goals so that you can make the right financial decisions for you and your loved ones.

Through workshops, educational and social events, newsletters and private consultation, we help you focus on your vision for the future and then work with you to design a financial plan to get you there. We call it the path to your Private Vista. It’s much easier to go down the path when you’re connected with a community of like-minded women.

To learn more about upcoming events, or to sign up for our Project Venus™ newsletter, contact Nicole Romito at 312-831-4378 or nromito@myprivatevista.com. Or Mary Beth McLean at 630-835-0105 or mbmclean@myprivatevista.com

In Transition.

Life changes, and so can you

We don’t need to tell you that life transitions are difficult. We work with many women who are divorced or widowed, and suddenly have to take care of their financial affairs. We hear them ask questions like, Should I keep the house? How do I know if my divorce settlement or my current financial situation will allow me to maintain my lifestyle without running out of money? Do I need to go back to work? In a welcoming environment we’ll help you learn about your finances, refocus on your future and even connect you with others facing similar issues.

Out of Touch.

Little time or confidence to plan

Perhaps your partner takes care of the finances. Or maybe you’re single or the family breadwinner and don’t have the time or confidence to start planning your future. We know for some women, the thought of money overwhelms or scares them. We all deal with different life experiences, emotions and ideas around how to best manage the money. In a welcoming environment, we’ll help you learn about your finances, focus on your future and even connect you with others facing similar issues.

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