Lillian Cella





  • University of Kentucky - BA in Strategic Communications with an emphasis of Public Relations & Advertising. Minor in French.



  • Volunteer/Donor, Saint Louis Children’s Hospital & Chicago Food Bank; University of Kentucky Alumni



My professional career began in 2016, and has since seen many iterations! Always finding myself gravitating towards the Chicago tech start-up scene, I have spent time in the retail, digital technology, and event industries – most recently, taking on my new venture as the Marketing Manager for Private Vista. Since I was a child, I have always loved helping people and giving back to my community, and at Private Vista, I am able to do just that. From the altruistic fundamentals to the internal dynamic, Private Vista enables and promotes a better life for all, and I am thrilled to begin my first career in financial planning, here!



Growing up in Saint Louis, I was fortunate enough to begin traveling with my family at a very young age, both nationally and internationally. Since before I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about exploring new cultures, food and architecture around the world. My Private Vista is absolutely exploring new places and making memories with my loved ones. Whether it be a fishing trip to Banff, a snowmobiling adventure in Iceland or a road trip along the coast of Portugal – I love to travel wherever, and whenever possible.