Posted on: October 8th, 2018

By Jill McCain, Forest Hills Living

A best-in-class experience from a boutique firm specializing in your purpose and dreams, and a neighbor living in your backyard that’s committed to helping his clients experience their best life….this is wealth management EVOLVED.

At its core, PrivateVista is a wealth management and financial planning firm that is shaking up the industry. For Private Vista and Senior Advisor Randy Porzel, it’s so much more than investments; it’s about helping their clients find their “Private Vista” – their definition of an enriched and fulfilling life.

How do they do it? As you may expect, initially Randy will dig into each client’s financial resources to determine the current state of affairs. Then it gets interesting. Based on a proven methodology that’s anything but cookie cutter, each advisor leads a conversation with their clients about their passions, purpose, values and dreams. Armed with this information and backed by state-of-the-art performance-based software systems, Randy and team will insert the dollars and

cents to build a personalized portfolio of how to achieve those goals. Randy puts together recommendations and assesses long-term risk to offer options and an action plan to achieving a client’s personal goals.

But don’t expect the conversation to end there. Beyond a customized plan, clients can expect their partner at Private Vista to sit next to them and help guide the plan with as much individualized attention as they need. From strategizing next steps to dealing with issues as they come up, Randy sets up regular touch points with his clients. It’s not surprising that clients, when poled at the end of a year, almost always share that this process was not what they expected. It was so much more.

As a trusted advisor, Randy fully grasps the weight of his role in protecting some of the most intimate details of his client’s lives. Randy will work through the details of everything from charitable giving and retirement planning to college savings, a loved one’s passing, and the birth of a new baby. “Most of the big life changes tie back to finances. Our clients lean on us emotionally and financially, and my role is to work through those transitions to build out an organized plan. There is a sense of calm when you create a plan in a world of chaos.”

From a very young age, Randy knew the value of hard work and dedication. Inspired by a neighbor that took him under his wing and introduced him to a partner at Private Vista, Randy went on to intern during college and eventually transfer to the University of Chicago to complete his Business Finance degree while working full-time with the company. Randy currently holds the title of Senior Advisor and is excited to play an instrumental role in succession planning to groom more great advisors and leaders in the company.

One of the best parts of Randy’s job is to help clients understand the legacy they leave behind so that someone else can continue that mission. His Private Vista? To create a lasting Porzel family foundation dedicated to supporting children with visual disabilities which his son and daughter could one day run.

At 13 years old, Randy was diagnosed with a very rare eye disease that presents no physical defect but erodes at the functionality of his eye. In school, without access to overhead projectors and boards, he was forced to become an audible learner and eventually moved to the neighborhood as it was close to the train. While it would be easy to focus on the disease, Randy instead has used it to fuel his passion for helping others. He serves on the Junior Board of the Chicago Lighthouse, an organization dedicated to helping the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran’s communities. He is also the Treasurer of the Darien Lions Club, an organization that focuses on the prevention and reversal of blindness and giving back to the community. Randy is helping the club to create a portfolio in his current position managing the finances. He will work through a progression of roles, leading up to becoming president in 2021.

Randy and his wife, Jennifer, live in Forest Hills with their two children, Matthew (3) and Brooklyn (newborn). His favorite thing about living in the neighborhood is the sense of community. “The people make the neighborhood and we trust our friends and neighbors like family,” Porzel says. In his free time, Randy enjoys golf, paddle tennis, traveling with family and sitting outside at the fire pit with friends.

Based on your expertise, what advice can you offer the residents of Forest Hills? 

Know your “why” and what you are working toward. You need goals. Have a plan and know your cash flow. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your advisor. If you don’t feel connected, look for someone new.

If you are looking for a personalized game plan that will align your core purpose and dreams with a roadmap to success, give Randy a call!

Randy Porzel
Senior Advisor – Private Vista
Chicago & Oakbrook offices
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