Your Evolved Experience℠

Your Process.


It’s About You.

We learn about your financial resources and review your investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies and copies of estate documents. We work through personal expenses and cash flow and also discuss your passions and goals. We begin exploring what a fulfilling life looks like to you.


What's Important to You.

Once we’ve collected the data and begun to understand your story, we analyze and summarize the documents as they impact your plan. We model your current financial status, develop ideas and concepts and test them in order to provide preliminary recommendations.


What's Possible for You.

Our presentation of your plan will be like a personal journey, where you see an inventory of your financial resources connected to your life goals. You will be able to make decisions on our recommendations based on feedback from our scenario-based planning tools. By the end of the presentation, you will have an action plan for achieving your broader vision for a life well lived.


How it Becomes Reality for You.

As the plan is implemented, we communicate as often as needed to review the investment strategy and deal with any issues as they come up. We also schedule an annual meeting to confirm that your financial resources continue to align with the life you imagined from your Private Vista.