Welcome to Private Vista

Here at Private Vista, our goal is to help you not only achieve your financial goals, but also your life goals. Like many financial advisors, we have extensive financial planning and investment strategy experience to apply to a broad range of financial issues. However, unlike many advisors, our work does not stop there. Your financial decisions should not be made in a vacuum, and we work side by side with you to ensure your full picture is taken into consideration.

Right from the start, you’ll see the evolved approach we take in learning about you, your family, your business, and whatever else is important to you. You’ll find that beyond your original financial questions, we will also help you with the bigger picture – imagining the life you want, and then helping you reach that vision. We’ll use our comprehensive financial services capabilities and our unique life planning tools and resources to provide you with counsel unlike any other firm. We have aligned our financial and life resources to help you achieve the goal of leading your enriched life – your Private Vista.

Fundamental of the Week: Make Every Interaction Count

Every contact with a client is an opportunity to create a positive experience. This includes calls, visits, voicemail, letters, e-mails, and every other communication. Make sure every interaction leaves our client feeling wanted, appreciated and respected. Click to view all 29 Fundamentals.

Private Vista on WGN Radio

One of our partners Bob Westrick was interviewed on WGN Radio during the John Williams show to talk about the stock market. Click here to listen to the full interview!

Interest Rates: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Don't miss this article on interest rates by one of our Private Vista Senior Advisors, Randy Porzel.