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Designing the right 401(k) plan for your business

At Private Vista, we help business owners make the most of 401(k) plans, both for the owner and employees. Through sophisticated plan structuring, we help owners maximize personal retirement by putting more business dollars towards the plan.


Specialized services include:

Assistance Reviewing Your Plan Options

We discuss the various design options available to you, including the traditional 401(k) plan, Safe Harbor 401(k), profit sharing plans, defined-benefit pension plans and cash balance plans. We work together to determine the appropriate investment options and help with due diligence monitoring of those selections.

Maximizing Your Own Retirement

Your business’ 401(k) plan can create great opportunity for you personally. Sophisticated plan structuring with Private Vista can help business owners put away more business dollars into your personal retirement plan.

Coordinating With Plan Vendors

Private Vista’s role is to serve as the coordinator of all vendors associated with your business’ 401(k) plan. These include, but are not limited to, the plan sponsor, record keeper, third-party administrator, custodian and payroll provider. We intend to be your quarterback of the plan.

Vetting Record Keepers

Private Vista carefully vets plan record keepers to determine the right one to accomplish your service standards and other goals. Record keepers can provide additional services called 3(16) services, including full management/responsibility of participant requests without requiring plan sponsor approval.


Private Vista functions as a 3(21) co-fiduciary, which means we can bring together retirement plan service providers in an integrated platform, with non-proprietary investment recommendations. Our approach combines objective service options and competitive pricing.

Qualified Plan Education

By teaching your employees about their investment options and offering personalized assistance, you’ll help them better understand the value of the plan you are providing and will help to maintain their engagement long term. Education should be regular and ongoing, and we help make that happen for you and your employees.

Measuring Plan Success

Setting clear objectives for your plan is critical to monitoring and measuring the success of your plan. Private Vista advisors can help you establish a process for setting plan objectives and evaluating metrics.

Transparent Fees

We provide fee clarity so you can make better decisions for yourself and your employees. At Private Vista we want to help Plan Sponsors understand all plan fees and make costs transparent to participants. Additionally, Private Vista uses all institutional share classes of mutual funds in retirement plans.

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