Qualified Plans

401(k) Consulting

At Private Vista, we work to help business owners make the most of their 401(k) plan for themselves and for their employees.

Designing a Plan That’s Right for Your Business
Through sophisticated plan structuring, we can help you maximize your personal retirement by putting away more business dollars towards your plan. We discuss the various design options available to you, including the traditional 401(k) plan, Safe Harbor 401(k), profit sharing plans, defined-benefit pension plans and cash balance plans. Then, we work together to determine the appropriate investment options and devote time to due diligence monitoring of those selections.

The Importance of Education
By teaching your employees about their current investment options and offering personalized assistance, they will better understand the value of the plan you are providing them and maintain their engagement long-term. Education should be regular and ongoing, and we help to make that happen for you and your employees.

We provide greater fee clarity so you can make better decisions for yourself and your employees. At Private Vista we want to help Plan Sponsors understand all plan fees and make them transparent to participants. Additionally, Private Vista uses all institutional share classes of mutual funds in retirement plans.



Stephanie began working with retirement plans when she joined Private Vista in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge, she has developed the ability to help business owners and their employees understand the complex world of retirement plans. Private Vista is an independent-minded firm, with no proprietary requirements, and also acts as a co-fiduciary with its clients.

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