Investment Management

Uniting portfolios and financial plans to help generate successful outcomes

Managing clients’ investments to create an Evolved℠ Portfolio is a big part of our role as advisors. There is not a “perfect portfolio,” so we work to create an investments lineup that helps each individual client achieve their personal financial goals. Our client’s investment portfolios are fully integrated with their financial plans to help maximize the probability of success.

Our experienced financial professionals design a portfolio that strives to find the “efficient frontier,” which signifies the combination of investments that provides the most potential return for your personal risk level. A comprehensive process of due diligence, consistent monitoring and periodic rebalancing aids in helping your portfolio meet the objectives of your financial plan over time.


What is an Evolved℠ Portfolio?

Risk Aware

Striving for an efficient portfolio helps, but cannot guarantee, you get paid for the risks you are taking. Many non-Private Vista portfolios take more risk than they need to, so we work to eliminate unnecessary risks.

Evidence Based

We look at the actual evidence of what is working now to help build returns and reduce risks in different classes of investments. To keep up with the changing markets, we build Evolved℠ Portfolios with a fluid approach using index funds, ETFs, active management and non-traditional (alternative) investments.


Lastly, our focus on low fees and tax efficiency are the final pieces to creating an Evolved℠ Portfolio. Questions? Contact us today and we’d be happy to talk with you.

Our Process

Private Vista is a planning-first wealth management firm. Every client relationship begins with the financial planning process to help us understand your needs. From start to finish could require three to four meetings over three months. This is not a 10-minute risk quiz.

We’ll understand your risk tolerance, financial circumstances and historical relationship to investing before matching you to a portfolio. The depth of the interaction allows us to build a comfort that the recommendations we make are appropriate for your individual goals. You’ll gain an understanding of why we suggest one portfolio over another, and we will help you make sense of what’s happening in the markets and what it means for you and your goals.

We’re not day traders, we also are not buy-and-hold traders. We are strategic investors based on market and economic conditions. We do adjust allocations and style of management over time to ensure they fit your lifestyle, goals and needs. We have two teams behind our strategic investments and there is a constant dialogue between the teams on individual investments and how they are performing. Our two teams are:

Private Vista Allocation team

Allocation Team

The allocation team determines how our client portfolios are spread across asset categories. The team monitors the cycles of the economy and other macroeconomic factors to determine how to allocate amongst the different asset categories.

Private Vista Product Team

Product Team

The product meets regularly to select and monitor the individual investments that fulfill the asset allocations selected by the Allocation Team. This team reviews a number of factors for selecting and monitoring investments; including performance and fund composition.

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