Who We Serve

Private Vista works with successful individuals, families and small business owners to help them define their life goals and achieve them using a wide range of financial planning and investment tools. Once we define your Private Vista – your view of an enriched and fulfilling life – we can work through the financials to make that a reality. We build long-term relationships with our clients and partner with them to help navigate the intersection of life and wealth. Some common questions we hear from clients are:

  • With my growing family and career, it’s time to get serious about the future. Saving for college, retirement planning, insurance – how do I get my arms around all of these issues?

  • I’m thinking of selling my small business? How do I even make that major life decision?

  • I’m getting close to retirement. Is my portfolio prepared for that transition?

  • I’m recently widowed or thinking about getting divorced. How do I know if I can survive financially?

Your Private Vista team will walk you through a detailed decision-making process to help you through these big life transitions. We’ll develop a financial plan that meets your life goals and then design a portfolio to help you achieve that plan. That’s our evolved approach.