MDs, JDs, and CPAs

Financial advice for medical, legal, and accounting professionals

Individuals who have attained these distinguished designations typically enjoy lucrative careers, but they often confront a lack of time and financial insight needed to make critical decisions that impact long-term financial security. Our specialists can help those with high income and complicated responsibilities fuel your Private Vista.


Specialized services include:

Buying into Practices and Firms

These professionals are offered to purchase into “deals” (surgery centers, practices, firms, etc.) and Private Vista can help you decide when you should put capital into another business.

Private Practice vs. Employed by Company

We can help weigh the pros and cons of working for yourself or for someone else by reviewing your contracts, working through how you are being paid, cash flow management, and discussing the intricacies that come with having the ability to control how much you can make in a particular year. We will consider how income/retirement plans can be impacted based on whether you bill by the hour, are allowed to moonlight, or have the flexibility to work extra shifts, as well as qualified plan options and whether you have a private practice or your own firm. Here is a link with more details.

Disability Insurance

Specialized professionals should focus on “Own Occupation” disability insurance because even minor physical disabilities can end careers. Even if there’s no need for “own occupation” coverage, there is a need for disability insurance.

Life Insurance

Planning must incorporate coverage at today’s income, as well as your future income level.

Estate Planning

Professionals who have dedicated years to achieving distinguished designations and careers need to guard their assets to ensure their families are protected from lawsuits. We will evaluate possibilities such as medical malpractice claims, titling assets in the “non-physicians” name if a physician is married to a non-physician, and considering errors and omissions coverage if you are a legal professional.

Business and Practice Valuation Discussions

Valuations of your business are critical to establishing an estimated value for your financial and estate plan. Many issues need to be factored in when coming up with the “value” of your business. We can help provide an initial, unofficial, valuation for the purposes of planning.

Succession Planning

Because the unexpected can happen at any time, a succession plan will ensure clients or patients are taken care of should anything happen to you.

Work-Life Balance

High earners are in a race with no finish line, and that can lead to burnout. We help to draw up plans that include finish lines, provide clarity on work-life balance, and educate about options to retire before age 65.

Student Loan Management

After years of building up student loans and accruing interest, we can help you minimize your Student Loan repayment rate while also maximizing your payoff strategy.

Cash Flow Management

Through our comprehensive financial planning, we will help you develop a plan for spending within your means, while also planning for increasing income. These services include helping you evaluate whether accumulating cash should target current debt or future demands.

Private Vista in Action

The Situation

After completing residency and a few years of moonlighting, working weekends, and covering shifts for co-workers, Jordan was beginning to become overwhelmed by the odd hours that came with her job as an ER surgeon. She was still in debt from Medical School and was unsure if she was on the right track for both repayment and retirement. Not knowing how to go about paying off her debt while also regaining a balance of her work and life, she was worried about making the best financial decision for her long-term health and wealth.

The Solution

Jordan was under a lot of student financial loan and career stress. Private Vista helped to ease Jordan’s stress by analyzing her current contract, cash flow, private practice offer, and discussing her goals and desires for her future. Private Vista was able to put together a loan repayment plan that allowed Jordan to pay off her loans but also have enough disposable income to enjoy a life she had worked for through many years of additional schooling.

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