Start-up and Corporate Executives

Financial advice to simplify complex planning for executives

The distinct needs and ambitious goals of start-up and corporate executives require specialized strategies. While they are usually well paid, these individuals may have compensation that’s tied to performance goals, large equity interests and other complex benefit plans. Executives may even face legal and other risks related to their roles and responsibilities. Our knowledgeable specialists can provide the solutions to fuel their Private Vistas.


Specialized services include:

Pre-IPO and IPO Planning

It is never too early to plan for a liquidity event and Private Vista helps navigate when and how to exercise stock options, when to sell company stock, what tax issues to consider, and how to leverage new assets to provide financial security.

Stock Option Analysis

Our advisors can help make the final decision easier when it comes to the financial implications of exercising your stock options.

Analysis of Multiple Offers

When considering multiple offers from multiple companies, our advisors can help analyze and evaluate the various offers. They can provide advice on what job might be most financially beneficial, what to include in a counteroffer, and how to better structure compensation.

Equity-based Compensation Analysis

It’s great to receive equity compensation, but it’s even better if you know how to maximize that benefit. With so many different types of equity compensation plans, our advisors explain the differences so you can start out on the right foot.

Evaluate Concentration Risk

Private Vista helps clients identify and evaluate the risk of concentration in a single company or stock to strengthen their portfolios and ensure that all your eggs aren’t going into one, potentially vulnerable, basket.

Tax Planning

We strive to reduce tax liability of portfolios and maximize the ability to contribute to retirement plans.

Executive Compensation Packages

As an executive, your compensation package might be made up of salary, equity, and other benefits. Our advisors can review your benefits, including how to maximize the use of Deferred Compensation Plans for tax and income planning, to help maximize your income and build wealth over the long term.

Analyzing Liquidity Needs

Start-ups generally provide employees with a lot of equity in their compensation packages. But how can you protect yourself if you do not stay with your company for a certain number of years? Our advisors can help navigate tricky liquidity situations, such as with privately held stock.

Hedging Strategies

Executives often have equity holding requirements in their company, which can lead to the risk of possessing a large concentration in their employer. We can help reduce the risk associated with needing to hold onto a single security and can explore various techniques and strategies, such as calls and pulls, based on your situation.

Insurance Needs

Proper insurance analysis is important in the financial planning process. We help ensure you aren’t overpaying for insurance and that you have the correct types of protection for your specific needs.

Legacy Planning

Through the estate planning process, we can help you think through how your high compensation may allow you to establish a legacy plan for your loved ones as well as any charitable endeavors.

401(k) and Investment Strategies

Managing clients’ investments to create an Evolved℠ Portfolio is a big part of our role as advisors. There is no “perfect portfolio,” so we create personalized portfolios to help each client achieve their financial goals. Our client portfolios are fully integrated with their financial plans to maximize their potential for success.

Private Vista in Action

The Situation

As a senior executive of a publicly traded company, William’s portfolio was largely made up of his company’s stock and stock options. This left the success of his financial plan tied to the performance of that company. He came to Private Vista with a question: How can I reduce the risk of my company stock underperforming and hurting my long-term retirement plans?

The Solution

Private Vista advisors analyzed William’s different holdings and helped design a hedging strategy along with an investment plan to diversify his portfolio in a tax-efficient way. The diversification helped William’s retirement prospects look more robust.

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