Project Venus

Build Your Financial Confidence

Welcome to Project Venus℠, an initiative at Private Vista where women in transition are connected, supported and inspired to enrich their lives through financial planning, education and partnership.

At some point in their lives, nine out of ten women will be solely responsible for their finances*. Are you prepared to make financial decisions that will enrich your life? If you’re in transition due to divorce or becoming widowed, we can help you address your fears, find your vision, gain confidence and add clarity.

Unlike a typical financial program that solely focuses on income, budgets and investments, Project Venus℠ also helps you explore your life passions and goals so that you can make the right financial decisions for you and your loved ones.

Through workshops, educational and social events, newsletters and private consultation, we help you focus on your vision for the future and then work with you to design a financial plan to get you there. We call it the path to your Private Vista. It’s much easier to go down the path when you’re connected with a community oflike-minded women.

* Source: National Center for Women and Retirement Research (NCWRR) Jul 20, 2012


We don’t need to tell you that life transitions are difficult. We work with many women who are divorced or widowed, and suddenly have to take care of their financial affairs, often for the first time. We hear them ask questions like, Should I keep the house? How do I know if my divorce settlement or my current financial situation will allow me to maintain my lifestyle without running out of money? Do I need to go back to work? In a welcoming environment we’ll help you learn about your finances, refocus on your future and even connect you with others facing similar issues.


I love what I do — and I think of myself as a financial caregiver. In fact, I considered a career in nursing, but realized I did not have the “patience” (pun intended!) for it. I devote much of my current practice working with women, often in transition, to take control of their financial matters. The most satisfying part of this profession is to watch our clients become empowered. I help my clients conceive their future, relieve their fears and achieve their dreams.


I spent 10 years as a banker in a variety of roles; from Management Trainee to Private Banker. I began my career in financial planning in the early 90s, and now as a Senior Advisor, I rely on that experience to help clients make informed financial decisions. I provide a safe place to openly share dreams and fears about money and life. I help clients manage their emotions around money so they can tune out the noise that might get in the way of sound financial decisions. I also make financial planning fun! While it is serious stuff, it’s easier to understand and process if you have fun while doing it!